Rylan Shaw together with Mr. Keller

Rylan Shaw realizes that his drawings are not that great. Not wanting to fail the class, Rylan asks his always horny teacher, Colby Keller, if there is any way he can earn extra credits. Colby tells him a blow job would be a great start. Relieved, Rylan sets to work giving Colby a wonderful blowjob, riding him hard and fast. Rylan lets Colby shove that big, thick cock up his tight little ass and Colby rides him hard before ejaculating all over his student.
There is always a beginning to every story. This is the beginning of Colby Keller’s new life. One night Colby arrived on the doorstep of his good friend Tommy Defendi, hopelessly lost because he had just been completely knocked down by his long time, really sexy girlfriend. Like any good friend, Tommy invites him in and gets Colby to strip down and take a soothing bath. When Tommy joins him in the tub, Colby doesn’t even bat his eyes. One thing leads to another, and soon Tommy is sucking Colby’s dick to relax him further. Soon enough the men switch positions and Colby enjoys giving as well as getting. Colby has a smile on his face, he feels like a new man and he is ready to find himself a sexy new lover.

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