Erotic gay stories with Colby Keller

Shane Frost loves group meetings in the boardroom. The big walnut table and the leather furniture give the room a feel of power and money. Shane especially loves meetings when Colby Keller is the group leader in the Gay Chat area. Colby always has five horny men with him and today is no exception. Shane notices this immediately.
Within seconds of entering the room, Shane found his face firmly planted in a nearby wall as Colby quickly removed his pants and pushed his dick up Shane’s tight ass. Shane’s body tensed, that cock felt as big around as an arm, but he let Colby ride him until the end.
After delivering a fascinating Palaeontology lecture, Colby Keller hands his student, Dale Cooper, a note personally inviting Dale to examine in great length a bone of another kind later that night. Dale arrives precisely on time for his mysterious rendezvous and enjoys his night of hardcore gay banging.
Jesse Santana knows that he has been without faith for years, so to atone for his sins, he addresses his feelings of guilt by indulging in senseless, frantic porn. Arriving to work at the bar a bit early, Jesse is pleased to see his barkeeper mates Colby Keller and Dylan Roberts are just getting ready to open the place. Without any discussions they leave the door locked and all three head to the back room for a little fun before the work day starts. Colby and Dylan drive Jesse into a state of euphoria as they take turns sucking on his engorged cock. Soon the three of them are contorted into some strange positions so they can all get in on the licking and sucking at the same time.
The new Drill My Hole video is called “The Vandal” and Colby Keller is the star of the show. Jake Steel lives up to his name and is caught stealing and has been placed in a jail cell. Officer Colby Keller is willing to let Jake out of jail if Jake agrees to give him a blowjob. Jake agrees and before long he finds himself riding Colby’s hard dick. Never did he think he would be cock riding in a police station.

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