Gay Office with Colby Keller

Christian Wilde tapped his fingers on the surface of his desk in a bored manner. Just then his office door opened and Colby Keller walks in. With a startled gasp of breath, Christian eyes the brown haired man with the chiseled jaw and well built body as he walks further into the room. Looking down at the application before him on the desk, Christian knows that Colby has not had an interview in years. He can also tell by the sweat on Colby’s brow that the man is nervous. Christian licks his lips, his cock twitching in delight, his mind wondering what other reasons there could be for this man to be sweating.

Looking Colby up and down, Christian walks forward and extends his hand in formal greeting. ZAP! Wow! The electricity flowed right into their clasped hands. Neither seemed willing to let go, both knowing what just happened.

Meeting Colby’s eyes, Christian slowly slips his fingers down and gently caresses Colby’s abdomen. Colby’s eyes widen and he gasps, but does not tell Christian to stop. Instead, Christian watches in total awe as Colby slowly undoes his belt, snap and zipper.

Reaching into Colby’s pants, Christian wraps his hand around Colby’s already engorged cock. With care he releases the organ and groans as he begins pumping it steadily as it grows even fatter and longer in his hand. Christian could feel his own dick swell and used his free hand to release himself from his pants, massaging his own cock while continuing to pump Colby faster and faster. Suddenly, Colby let out a long grunt and shot his semen all over the grey carpet.

By now the interviewee had lost all his nervousness and the tension was completely gone from his body. Christian guided Colby over to the desk, and without any prompting, Colby bent over the desk, offering his tight ass for Christian’s pleasure. Christian was pleased and closed his eyes while rubbing his hard cock across Colby’s butt. Slowly he eased himself into that tight little hole, groaning in pleasure as those tight walls sucked him in. He felt his dick pulse in pleasure as he rode in and out of Colby’s tight ass just until he was ready to spurt. Taking his proud member in hand, Christian finished the job and spilled his cum all over Colby’s back, in effect, marking his territory.

Totally satisfied, Christian pulled his clothes back on. Other interviews awaited him, but he had thoroughly enjoyed this one. He knew, without a doubt, that Colby Keller would be getting a second interview.

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