Str8 To Gay with Brenden Cage and Colby

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Hot stud Brenden Cage is nervous and having second thoughts about getting married tomorrow. His male lover, and soon to be spouse, is not around, but his best man Colby is. Colby takes Brenden into the sauna to help him relax and not worry so much about the next day. In the brand-new cutting-edge video “E-male” by The Gay Office, Colby Keller has fun with Jessie Colter. Colby is single again and is ready to create a profile on an online dating site. Searching through the other hot profile pictures, Colby stumbles upon one of a fellow worker, Jessie Colter. Unknowingly, Colby sends a naked picture of himself to Jessie and is embarrassed when he learns what he has done. Jessie knocks and enters when bid and Colby can’t help but turn red from embarrassment. However, Jessie tells him he really loved the picture and came in to see if he could ride Colby’s hard dick. Colby agrees and Jessie gets down on his knees and takes Colby’s large organ deep into his mouth. Then Colby takes a turn and bends Jessie over and fucks the gay cum right out of him.

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